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The supernatural world is a different world in itself. But in this world there are people who were once alive. Those who did not get liberation after death live here. This whole world is like a mystery.

Interestingly, we can also interact with the people of this supernatural world. If you have mental courage and you have overcome the fear, then any person can talk to the people present in the supernatural world.

Plainchit and Ouija board is a heart shaped looking wooden piece. It has revolving wheels at the back. It has a hole in the tip towards which a pencil is placed.

When one comes in contact with the soul, a simple paper is first placed on the table and the Ouija board is placed on it. After this, the person whose soul has to be called is carefully meditated.

It has been observed that as soon as the soul arrives, the device starts moving on its own. Unquenchable spirits are usually called by this yantra. When the soul comes, Ouija starts to move in the board.

When the soul is questioned, the Ouija board starts moving and the answer is written on the paper with the pencil attached to it. In this way, the questioner from the Ouija board gets to know the answers to their questions from the spirits.

'Jelangkung' This is one such method which the people of ancient Indonesia used to contact spirits. In this method, some things were used to contact the spirits, just like the Ouija board.

When contacting the spirits, three to five people are in a room. In these two people sit holding an effigy made of bamboo. Where the pencil is placed in a hole in the board in the Ouija board, in this method the pencil or chalk is placed in the lower part of the effigy.

Incense sticks are lit before the spirits are called and some mantras are recited. It is said that due to the effect of the mantras, the soul passing through it moves into the effigy and the weight of the effigy increases.

After this, a series of questions begin, which are written by the mannequin. The people of Indonesia believe that contact of spirits through this medium is also dangerous because if they are not able to remove the soul from the effigy, then it can also cause harm. Therefore, it is necessary for the person to be proficient in this action.

To contact spirits, a person is called a spirit in that medium and then questions are asked from him. You must have seen in many horror films that the tantric or Pandit calls the soul and the soul comes into the body of a person and answers the questions of the questioner.

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