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Today we are recounting the story of Pawansud Hanuman and the story of the saint
Heroic heroes sing the story of Mahavira
Those who make the image of Sia Ram in Rome tell the holy story
Heroic heroes sing the story of Mahavira and we narrate the story

Punjikastala was named the Sundari of Paradise
Vanar Raj Jar was born as Anjani
Kabi Raj Kesari married him
What is the shade of Anand Mangal called Giri?
Raja Kesari impressed Anjana
Anjani was delighted to see
By the way, everything in his life was good
But Madani from Anjani Mata's baby was empty

Now ask how Pavan's son Hanumantha narrates the holy story
Bajrangpali sings the story of that Mahabali
Mother Anjana was heavy as she had a son
Madan Muni was very happy with Anjana
Defend Bhakreshwar Devi anytime
Anjana drank the sacred water of the Ashish Ganga
He entertained the god of the wind by doing heavy penance
Anjani's mother touched the air
Pawan Dev appeared and then handed over the letter to him.
This is why Bajrang's son Bajrang says
Bajrangpali sings the story of that Mahabali

King Kesari and Anjana perform Shiva Puja
Shiva does not work without devotion
Shiva appeared when Anjana's groom appeared after questioning
Hey Shiva Shankar, my son is like you
Why brother, Anjana will fulfill your wish
Only 11 Rudra son of my part will be yours
Born in Bajrangi Saad, born
The 15th day of Saitra Shukla is Holy Tuesday
He then called Bajrangi the incarnation of Shankar
We tell a story

Kesari Nandan's childhood is endearing
Suk Ranjan was shaking in the cradle of sandalwood
Anjana Rani was busy at work
They thought of eating the sun as a fruit
Pawan Dev had given them flying power
Bajrangi, who ate the fruit of the sun, began to fly
Air God was worried that my child might not be burned
Don't fire my flower by the rays of the sun god
Looks like the Bio Dev gun bomb
We tell a story

The sun god saw them coming towards him
He understood that he was the son of the wind, not the child
Surya Dev chills her hot rays
Surya's son, Guru, started climbing on Ratnam
When Rahu snake on new moon
Very sad to see Bajrangi's game
Indradev came and told him everything
He said I brought some life from a child
Rahu calls Indradeva
We tell a story

The rest of the saga will be completed soon ...

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