Ganesh Mantra For Lost Love Back

Ganesh Mantra For Lost Love Back, Love is never without its troubles. No matter how deep the love is that brings two people together, individual egos eventually catch up and take over. Too many Relationships have dwindled away given the ego battles between lovers. At times, it’s not even the ego, but a simple misunderstanding can tear lovers apart.

Ganesh Mantra For Lost Love Back
Ganesh Mantra For Lost Love Back

Whatever the reason is that causes rifts in a relationship, the solution can be found in the Ganesh mantra for lost love back.

Love Relationship is marred by too many issues. Even if the couple is good with each other, the families may oppose. If not that, then there is a financial or economic disparity between families that causes hurdles. Worst of all is when your partner strays and falls for another individual. It may seem a dark dead-end road, but if you keep your faith, then you may see the light soon. Surrender to the higher power and use the Ganesh mantra for lost love back.

Lord ganesha mantra to get love back

Lord Ganesha is specially considered as the bringer of good news. He’s among all the Hindu Gods, easiest to please and the most generous one. Even if you just daily recite the following simple lord ganesha mantra to get love back, he would clear all the challenges from your path.

|| om shriganeshamvighneshamvivahhartha the namo ||

Every day, as soon as you wake up and get fresh, chant the following mantra –

While the Ganesh mantra for lost love back never fails, there are of course certain criteria to be benefited from any such a mantra. First of all, you cannot use the mantra to entice someone who is not in love with you. Secondly, you must not use this mantra with any ill intent. And lastly, in addition to using the lord ganesha mantra to get love back, you must talk open-heartedly with your partner. Discuss your issues and listen to them when they say, what went wrong in the relationship. Be open to suggestions. Be clear that the love you have chosen for yourself is worth all the troubles. Do not give up just because there’s a rough patch in your relationship.


The following ritual has to be performed for 15 days without a break.

  1. Get yourself a small Ganesh Idol, that you can keep in your room.
  2. Take Shower and cleanse yourself before starting the ritual.
  3. Wear neat fresh clothes and sit facing North. The Ganesh Idol must be in front of you.
  4. Burn incense as an offering, fold hands and recite the following mantra –

|| om ganpatayenamahaa ||

  1. Now recite the powerful Ganesh mantra for lost love back, 108 times.

|| Aimmsaahaavaallaariklemmkaarklemm

kammpishaach “aammuki” kammgraahaayswaapaaneemaam

rupee naakheevidaaraaydraavaaydraavaayeedmaaheen

baandhaaybaandhaaysriphaat. ||

  1. In the above mantra, substitute the word “aammuki” with the name of the person you desire.

Once your wish is fulfilled, make sure that you go to the nearest Ganesh Temple, and offer your Thanks to the Lord Ganesha in the way of sweets. Preferably, go with your partner and get Lord Ganesha’s blessings. This will help both of you to better understand and love each other.

Ganesh mantra for removing obstacles in love

If you still have a persisting problem in your relationship, the best approach would be to consult an expert Hindu Astrologer. After understanding your situation, the Astrologer may suggest an alternative approach to perform the ganesh mantra for removing obstacles in love. The astrologer may even provide you with a talisman that is energized that you can wear. This talisman is usually energized by using the ganesh mantra for removing obstacles in love.

The ganesh mantra for removing obstacles in love will ensure that you get your love back. But to sustain any relationship is a lifelong endeavor. All the good things in life come at a heavy price. And one must be willing to pay the price. Fighting over trivial issues often bring cracks in the relationships which over time leads to break up. Never take your love and your partner for granted.

People usually end up ignoring each other few years in the relationship. It could be due to various reasons. Maybe the practicalities of life that take a toll on them. Or maybe it’s the regular arguments and fights that demotivates them. At times, it’s the hurdles in the path that deter them from going ahead. As individuals, today we have all become less patient with each other. The slightest mistake on someone’s part leads to accusations and allegations. This leads to heartburns for both individuals.

Refrain from discomforting, ignoring or hurting your partner. If you love someone, then you must learn to be patient. Every individual has flaws. As much as you can point fingers at someone, you too can be blamed for your flaws. Remember this and accept your partner with their set of flaws. Try to grow out of negative emotions as fast as possible. Preferably, do not dwell in negative thoughts for more than a few minutes. Negative thoughts have the tendency to conjure negative emotions in you. This becomes the reason for many breakups.



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