Mantra To Protect From Black Magic

Mantra To Protect From Black Magic, When It comes to protection from seen and unseen forces, Hindus always turn to Lord Hanuman. There is no obstacle that Lord Hanuman cannot overcome for his devotees. Lord Hanuman or Maruti has he’s fondly known is a giver just like Lord Ganesha. Hindus had learned to approach Lord Ganesha when starting anything new and turning to Lord Hanuman when they hit a roadblock. Together these two lovable Gods have made a reputation for being lenient, generous and kind. Perhaps that’s why they are the most popular of all gods in India.

Naturally, if you are seeking help, there’s no better option than turning to Lord Hanuman. If you are suspecting some wrongdoing by an enemy, Lord Hanuman can protect you from all evil eyes. To please God, all you have to do is use the mantra.

Mantra To Protect From Black Magic
Mantra To Protect From Black Magic

If you chant the Hanuman Mantra regularly, your entire being will be transformed. You will become more resilient and stronger. You will be able to face any challenges in life. Especially, if you are suspecting some enemy of the family with Black Magic, then you can use the mantra.

Hanuman mantra to protect from black magic

Lord Hanuman will protect you from the evil eyes and any Black Magic spell cast on you. The mantra also dispels ghosts and spirits that may have been unleashed on you or family. The power of Hanuman Mantra is such that it even cures severe illness such as epilepsy.

Especially, in the case of Black Magic spell, the victim is not in a position to do the ritual. In such a case, any member of the family can do the following ritual.


  1. Choose a clean place in the house.
  2. Place a photo of Lord Hanuman and burn incense sticks in front of it.
  3. In a copper Kalash, take some water and place it in front of Lord Hanuman’s photo.
  4. Now chant the mantra to protect from black magic given below

|| om ainghringhanumateramdutaylankavidhvansnay



om hringshringhaung ha phat swaha ||

  1. The above mantra has to be recited 108 times while offering red flower garlands to Lord Hanuman.
  2. Then recite for 21 times, the following mantra while holding the Kalash

|| Panchasyachutamanekavichitraveeryam

Sri shanka chakra ramaniyabhujagradesam

Peethambaram makara kundalanoopurangam

Dhyayethitamkapivaramhruthibhvayami ||

  1. The above mantra to protect from black magic will infuse the water in the copper vessel with the blessings of Lord Hanuman. This will protect the victim from black magic spells or any effect of evil possession.
  2. Dip all fingers of the victim into this water and make the victim drink this water. If the victim refuses to drink, then it has to be given to him by mixing in his meal.

Additionally, you can avoid future attacks by using the following mantra

|| Om namoparmatmneanjanisutaya hum hum hum

Mam sharirbandhanayaraksha kuru ||

To use this mantra, you must first begin on a Solar Eclipse night. Attain Siddhi over the mantra by chanting it for 1000 times continuously. Once you have done this you can then recite it for 11 times and blow your breath on yourself or the victim. This will protect you and the victim from any evil spirits lingering around with malicious intent.

Powerful mantra to protect from black magic

The powerful mantra to protect from black magic can protect you from every possible danger you may face. From Evil Eyes to Black Magic spells and from Accidents to Illness, you will remain protected from all the troubles. The mantra is not just for protection, but it also makes you strong and confident to deal with any challenges of your life.

Hindu Mantras have a great significance which has been acknowledged by scientific communities too. The very pronunciation of these mantras invokes a positive aura in the individual. Thus, guarding one against any evil spirit around. The benefits of these mantras are best derived when the ritual is performed without error. Especially the powerful mantra to protect from black magic must be recited in a proper way to ensure positive results.

The best approach when dealing with Black Magic and Evil Spirits is to bring in an expert Astrologer. Someone who knows the right approach to use the powerful mantra to protect from black magic may be able to guide you properly. Most mantras are for a positive life and can be done by anyone with faith.

But Black Magic is something eviler and more sinister. It is best if you take help from an expert. The mantra to protect from black magic is different than the regular Hanuman Mantras. The Astrologer can even provide you with an energized Talisman that you and family can wear for protection.


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