Kali Haldi Vashikaran Mantra

Kali haldi vashikaran mantra ke tantric prayog – kali haldi or the black turmeric is one of the popular magical ingredients in Hinduism. Normally turmeric is used in all types of magical works but the black turmeric is one of the special types of turmeric and it is not used for the household purposes. The black turmeric is mainly used for the magical purposes. According to the Eastern occult and pagan studies the black turmeric is one of the popular herbs in West Bengal for its amazing medicinal benefits.

This black turmeric is grown at the bank of holy river Godavari in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The studies say that the ancient tribes in the western and eastern India used this black turmeric for the purpose of doing black magic and other powerful spells. This amazing herb is particularly used for worshiping goddess Kali. The roots of this powerful herb are kept at home to protect from the evil energies and spirits.

Kali Haldi Vashikaran Mantra

Kali Haldi Vashikaran Mantra


Kali haldi ke tantric prayog is very popular type of magic; this kali haldi is used for various tantric purposes such as vashikaran or controlling mind. This kali haldi is mixed with cow’s urine to make a paste and this paste is used by the tantric to achieve success in the tantric task.  According to the Hindu mythology goddess Kali possess the supreme power of destruction.  The submissive position of god shiva is under Kali’s statue and this proves her dynamic and powerful nature.

This is the universal truth that worshipping Kali will save you from the bad spirits and other evil energies. The black turmeric or the kali haldi represents the destruction power of female. The black or the crimson black color defines the Hindu goddess. If you keep the root of the kali haldi in your home it is like keeping goddess with you.

kali haldi ke vashikaran totke-  the kali haldi paste can increase the power of third eye. This kali haldi is very powerful ingredient used in powerful tantric work.  According to the Aryan spells book the powerful kali haldi paste can give you amazing power and you can realize the abnormal things easily that is difficult to for others to notice. To attract the goddess Maha Laxmi put the black turmeric, Mesua Ferrea or nag kesar in the silver box and apply the red vermillion on it then put the box in your locker for increasing your wealth.  After putting the box in the locker chant the Swaha mantra. Chant this mantra continuously while doing the ritual.

Turmeric is also used in many health remedies. By using turmeric many health problems are cured. Turmeric is used in many health remedies. This powerful herb also represents some powerful Hindu deities such as Vishnu, Krishna, Shiva or Rama.  This is the important reason why the kali haldi ke vashikaran totke is a successful magic used by many.

Kali Haldi Vashikaran Mantra


kali haldi ke chamatkari upay- if you are not satisfied or happy with your present earning and you are willing to increase your money flow quickly you can try the following remedy at night before Holi. During the time of burning holika the demon throw 9 cloves immersed in the cow ghee, coconut and one beetle leave in the fire. You collect the holika ash next morning and add balck turmeric root and silver coin in it.

Finally wrap the mixture in the yellow cloth and keep it in your worshiping alter or in pooja room. Do pooja for the mixture everyday then soon you will see the amazing results. Your money flow will increase like anything, you can apply the black turmeric past in the middle of your eyebrows to increase your wealth and health. This is the amazing kali haldi ke chamatkari upay and if you follow it sincerely it will work more efficiently for you.

If you taste only failure in your life and if you want to taste the sweetness of success in your life follow this amazing process to get 100 percent success in anything that you start. All you need is 11 Gomati chakra shell, 11 paddy pieces and black turmeric. Put all these things in the silver container and keep it in your room. Gomati chakra are the scared elements which will help you to bring the blessings of god Vishnu and the black turmeric can save you from the evil spirits and negative energies and protect you with the positive energies.

You can make a thick paste of saffron and black turmeric in the pure water and draw swastika symbol on the main entrance door of your house. This is one of the most powerful remedy for the new employees and new entrepreneurs to increase the flow of money.  You can burn some incense with black turmeric every time before you start any new project. Be careful in buying the original black turmeric for achieving success in all the work that your start.

Kali Haldi Vashikaran Mantra


Using of black turmeric in the tantra or black magic is very popular in Eastern occult. If you want to control anyone for example if you are starting a new project and you want to meet a person who is having half mind to approve your project you can try black turmeric vashikaran on them to make your work done. All you need is Kaal Bhairav Yantra, scented flowers, holy water, fruits, beetle leaves and areca nut. First burn the black turmeric in front of the yantra and think about the person whom you want to meet. Apply the turmeric ash on your forehead and meet the person. The person will completely come in your control and easily all your work is done.

You can even try this process on your husband or anybody whom you want to control. Full moon day or the astami yoga is very effective days to try this type of process. While doing these processes you can worship goddess maha laxmi simultaneously to get better results. Avoid eating carrot or radish while doing this process. Wear yellow clothes for great results. You will start tasting only sweetness of success in your life.

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