If you lost the love from your life and think that it’s your fault because of which the lost love issues can come in your life. Then have you ever think about why lost love issues can arise? Even you put whole your efforts into your relationship. So that it can always remain healthy and strong. But still have to bear that pain of separation in your love life.

What are the astrological reasons due to which lost love issues can happen?

Then there are certain of the astrological reasons due to which lost love issues can arise.

  • Venus is the planet that plays a great role in predicting the love life of the person.
  • And also responsible for bringing the love and beauty into the relationship and also in between the couples.
  • As if venus gets combined with the malefic planets and then placed into the 7th house.
  • Which is already as weak house.
  • Then any combinations and positions can get stuck into it.
  • Surely be the reason for continuous arising love issues.

Is there are any signs which show you lost the love of your life?

Yes, of course, there are certain signs that make you sure that you lost love from your life as these are;

  • The first and foremost is that the distance can start rising in between you and your lover: And this happens because he starts losing interest from you and also all the things that are related to you.
  • The medium of communication also starts lacking: As communication is really very essential for any relationship. But if you are facing the issues just because of the lack of communication, Then it is so obvious. Because until and unless you both will not communicate with each other. You are not able to understand each other feelings and point of views.
  • Do not give preference to each other likings and disliking: Giving preference is really important. If you both seem to behave in the manner that you really don’t care about each other preferences. Then surely the differences can arise and turns into the end of the relationships.

How to deal with losing the love issues of your life?

If you really love your ex and want to get him and his love back in your life by resolving all the issues. Then you have to do certain of the things;

  1. As the first one is that you have to plan those such activities that make your ex feel happy and also realise that you still care for his feelings and emotions.
  2. Also start giving preferences to each other point of view.
  3. And make your someone special feel special so that he feels attracted towards you.

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