Tulsi puja is the auspicious day when the new sapling of the tulsi married with the lord Vishu. This is the indication for the winter wedding season. This auspicious puja is performed on the day of Ekadashi. Thus the day of tulsi puja is meant to be very important for everyone. This is the day married ladies observe the fast for her better married life. Unmarried women also pray tulsi to get good husband. This is the tulsi fulfils the wishes of every person who prays her.  If you also wish to do this puja then it’s good to follow the procedure as suggested by Astrologer Raj Shastri ji. He is one who also assists you to complete the tulsi puja.

Tulsi Puja

Lot more people are not aware of the proper procedure of this puja and the purpose of performing this puja. Now here you can completely get to know about the reason of performing this.

Tulsi puja significance and time

Here you will get to know about the significance of the tulsi puja. The reason why this day is celebrated in Hindu culture. On this day lord Vishu has defeated the demon jalandhar.  Demon Jalandhar’s wife was the devotee of Lord Vishu. Then Lord Vishnu has turned the soul of Jalandhar’s wife into tulsi and promises her to marry. This is the atual reason behind performing the Tulsi Puja.

Rituals to be followed for Tulsi puja

The tulsi puja must have to be performed anytime between Prabodhini ekdashi and kartik poornima. On this fast has been observed and the holy plant tulsi get married with the Shaligram stone and regarded both as husband wife. This ceremony begins in evening. Thus if you are wondering that How to worship tulsi plant at home then get to know about this from Astrologer Raj Shastri ji.

Tusi puja benefits

There are many benefits of performing the tulsi puja. Below are some of those:

  • It has many medicinal benefits for human beings
  • If there is Tulsi in your garden you can get rid of all bad karmas
  • It is also believed where, there is tulsi lord Karishna stays at their place
  • Where tulsi is worships no bad time ever comes to their place
  • Even the fragrance of tulsi purify the surroundings

These are some common benefits which have been observed by many people. This is how the things could be better for us. If you also want to perform tulsi puja at home then know more about this from Astrologer Raj Shastri ji. He is one who provides the better solution to a person.

Tulsi puja to attain salvation

It is also believed that this puja has been done to attain salvation. A person who wants a better life they must have to get to an expert. Astrologer Raj Shastri ji let them to know how to perform the overall things in a better way. This is the way a person could deal with the troubles of the life. Thus, it is always very important to get to him for fine solution.

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