On the basis of predictions of astrology, some of the zodiac signs are luckier than others for the year 2021. Every year there are certain sun signs which are considered to be lucky and some are not. Although it all depends on your deeds, to some extent the stars do have a role to play in the happiness, success, sorrow, etc. of an individual’s life. People on earth work as per their stars in the universe and these stars have a huge impact on the lives of these individuals.


2021 is most likely to be quite favourable for people who belong to this sun sign. You can also expect certain positive developments regarding health, money and relationship. However, these people might have to go through certain tough phases of life where they might feel confused, especially in terms of professional life. They have to be extra careful during such phases of their lives. There’s a great possibility that Aries will take wrong decisions while undergoing some professional course. Lucky colours for Aries would be coral, red and white.


Being misunderstood at times can be quite frustrating for this sun sign. However owing to the calculate approach of Taurians, they get an opportunity to venture into activities which are just new and innovative. They continue thinking calculatedly. Their lucky colours are green, turquoise, black and brown.


2021 is being expected to be a wonderful year for people belonging to this sun sign. They will have to work very hard and they would also prosper due to their hard work and efforts. They just need to take care of their health. On all the other fronts, they may be assured as the personal and professional life of these people would flourish during 2021. Their lucky colours would be peach, yellow, deep blue, etc.


2021 is about building new relationships and contacts and networking for this particular sun sign. They would make several attempts for extending their ambit of friendship and also their circle of friends. These people would work hard, stay focussed as well as ambitious. Even in terms of health, they would feel very comfortable especially in case of females. There might be some trail plans for these people this year. Their lucky colours would be silver, pale purple, light emerald, etc.


2021 would be an emotional one for Leos. They might even meet their special someone. It will be a roller coaster ride for these people where they will get a number of opportunities, promotion and an adventurous love life. However it is important for them to refrain from getting over the board in matters of conflicts. Their lucky colours would be silver, orange and gold.


Everything would work well for them this year regarding their relationship. Their social life. Love life as well as equation with their family members and friends would be just perfect. On professional front, their career would also do well. In comparison to 2020, their overall health would be on the good side. Their lucky colours would be white, pink, turquoise and ivory.

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