Due to the high demand for gemstones, people have been fooled into buying fake stones of similar size, shape and colour.

Jewels are trendy in India because of their astrological advantages.

Not everything that shines is gold! Now, this may also be the case for that gem that you have long longed to decorate. Gloss, lustre, colour quality and durability look beautiful at first glance, but they can probably tempt you to buy fake jewellery.

Astrological Gemstones are prevalent in India because of their astrological advantages. Gems can indeed increase the strength of the planet as long as you choose the suitable stone.

Due to the high market demand for gemstones, people are misunderstood to buy fake gemstones of the same size, shape and colour as natural mining stones.

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Synthetic gems are shiny and brighter than real gems. Customers have difficulty identifying fake gems and end up spending a fortune on them.

If you cannot see the naked eye’s inclusions, use a magnifying glass at least ten times to see if the gem contains inclusions. Also, look for marks and debris to see if the gem has been removed from a ring or the like.

Get Best Tips to Test an Astrological Gemstones

Finding the perfect transparent gemstone is difficult, but look for cracks, scratches, and acne in the gemstone before focusing on your purchase. You can also consult with a qualified gemologist to see if the gem is natural.

Actual Gem Color

Once you have determined your gem’s authenticity, the next step is to check the colour of your gem. To determine if this is the case, look at it with a magnifying glass to see if the stone has unusual opacity and colour density.

Seller Credibility

Finding the right gem can be complex. The first step is to find a reliable seller who will inform you about your gem and help you find the quality, cut and type of gem that suits your needs.

This will help you make informed purchase decisions. Even the best jewellers can sell fake stones, so it’s essential to pay close attention to your purchases.

Before selling gems and diamonds, they must be certified by a government laboratory. Consumers need to be careful when buying gemstones and diamonds and not be the victim of advertising strategies such as celebrity promotions, deals and discounts.

Shape and Design

When buying jewelry, people are often noisy about the shape of the jewelry. Each cut and shape has different characteristics. When buying gems, look for ones that are well cut and unmarked.

Pay based on transparency

After completing the above points, you need to look for your gem’s clarity. The more transparent a gem, the more valuable it is.

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