How compatible my partner will be with me & my family?

If your are matured enough for the marriage, then you might have thought about this question. As at the end of the day, everyone wants to lead a happy and healthy relationship. Often, we marry a boy/girl of our choice without any astrological point of view and face difficulties in the coming time and put the family in trouble. So, whether it is a love or arranged marriage, astrology is important to deal with any issues that may trouble you in the coming future.

Compatibility as per Hindu astrology

A marriage horoscope can check the degree of compatibility between two partners. The actual concept of horoscope matching is judged by the constellations occupied by the Lagna during the birth time of the respective boy and girl. During the matching of the horoscope, there are a total of 36 points. If the matching scores 18 or more, then it is termed to be a compatible match.

There is major eight factors that are taken into consideration below are mentioned with their points:

  • Varna: 1point
  • Vaishyas: 2points
  • Tara: 3points
  • Yoni: 4points
  • Graha Maitri: 5points
  • Gana: 6points
  • Bhakoota: 7points
  • Nadi: 8points

Criteria that lead to a successful marriage life

Some are the below-mentioned parameters that are measured for happy marital life:

  • Degree of attraction: Attraction between partners is wholly responsible for two planets, Venus and mars. If Venus is present in Mesha of one of the partners and mars is in the Midhuna, Simha, or Dhanur of the other. It forms Ardha-Kona or Tri-Kona between grahas, which leads to attractions in the relationship.
  • Views exchange with a partner: The understandability among the partners is nothing but the exchange of views. Planet mercury is responsible for the understanding and exchange of views. Planets like Saturn, Chandra, and Jupiter enhance the degree of matching.
  • Mutual bonding: The matured thoughts and partner’s support in critical situations is defined when a good angle is formed between the sun and moon.
  • Partner’s weakness destroyed by your horoscope: The partner’s horoscope can destroy some negativity placed in the person due to the misplacement of planets in the horoscope. Jupiter and Mars are the cause of bad logical thinking, whereas Shani, Ravi defines the person’s boldness. The partner’s horoscope can nullify these factors.

Why Second marriage prediction?

This question may be out of the box, but sometimes people face fear and shyness to ask about second marriage. As per the survey, you will be shocked to know that India is crossing the number of second marriages than Western countries. As for marriage has an astrological point of view same goes for second marriage. If the second house of the horoscope is strong and established, it enhances the second marriage’s ability. But it is very rare in seen.

Marriage is not only about you but about your whole family, and a small decision can lead to disaster. So don’t be in a hurry. Take the best astrological advice as we have known about the Guna, get the best compatible partner, and lead a happy married life.

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