Someone has rightly said that the first impression is the last, so when you go to meet your future life partner, try to give your best. The irony is that girls generally do not know how they should treat boys and what kind of questions they should ask. While this is the biggest decision of his life. That’s why we decided that we will help you with this matter, so that you can choose the right partner for you.

Keep Limits In Mind

Do not talk too openly in the first meeting. It is not necessary that you tell them everything about your personal life. If there is an arranged marriage, then your family members are also associated with it, so share the information wisely. If you are not getting the solution then consult world famous astrologer. If someone asks you about your personal life, you can politely decline to tell.

Share Things Wisely

Don’t share too much about yourself until you understand the other person a little bit. Tell them about things like smoking and drinking only when you feel that they can understand you. Because if they are among those who do not like all these things, then the word can be spread in a wrong way. In arranged marriages, there is often someone between the two families to get married, to which there is also a fear of your slander after reaching this point, so tell them about your personal life carefully.

Don’t Lie At All

By lying, you can take the relationship forward at that time, but it is not possible to keep your lie for the rest of your life. Relationship experts recommend looking at the big gains rather than the small ones. If you do not feel right to answer any question, then refuse it clearly, or say that I think this is not the right time to talk about it.

Feel Free To Ask

Then whether it is related to the desire not to change your city or whatever you have decided for yourself regarding career, tell them openly. In arranged marriages, there is a lot of pressure from the family that girls should maintain their image well and at least answer no. But if you want to choose the right partner, then you should listen to your heart.

Take An Image

Think carefully about what kind of life partner you want. Be it physical, intellectual or financial aspects. Take care of your wishes regarding everything and go ahead with deciding what kind of questions to ask. Prepare in mind a rough blueprint of what kind of partner you want. If you want to convince parents for love marriage then consult us.

Be Clear

Write on a paper what are your expectations from your life partner and what kind of family do you want after marriage. And in the matter of marriage, note down the things in which you can compromise. So that you can be clear what you really want from this marriage. It is very important to be clear about yourself. Only when you are clear, will you be able to take the right decision. Tell them how you visualize yourself after marriage.

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