Are you looking forward to Surya Grahans in 2021? Many enthusiasts worldwide look forward to this phenomenon and try to experience the sight from the very beginning to the end. Here is a list of all Surya Grahans that will take place in 2021, which will help you be ready with special solar filters. 

Solar Eclipse 2021

Scientifically, a solar eclipse is a phenomenon where the new Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth, blocking the Sunrays in its path to Earth. As a result, some parts of the Earth experience a shadow. 

In 2021, there will be two Surya Grahans. Take a look at the details of the date, time and the country that will experience this exciting phenomenon. 

June 10, 2021

June 10, 2021, will see the first Surya Grahan of 2021, which would be an annular solar eclipse. In India, one can view the eclipse from 1:42 pm IST to 6:41 pm IST. But India won’t be the only country where people could experience the annular solar eclipse. The northern part of North America, some parts of Europe and Asia, Russia, Canada, Greenland will get to experience the 10th June Solar Eclipse as well. 

December 4, 2021

December 4, 2021, will see a total Solar eclipse. This will be the second and final Solar Eclipse of this year. This Solar Eclipse will be visible in places like South Australia, South Africa, America, and even in ocean areas like the Pacific and Indian oceans. Parts of Antarctica will get to experience the eclipse too. 

Types of Surya Grahan

The world knows of 4 solar eclipses. Take a look at the types. 

Partial Solar Eclipse

When the Moon partially obscures the Sun’s disk, casting only its penumbra on Earth, we call this phenomenon a partial solar eclipse.

Annular Solar eclipse

When the Sun and the Moon are closer, the Moon fails to eclipse the whole Sun. For this reason, the outer part of the Sun remains visible, forming a ring of fire. We call this phenomenon an Annular Solar Eclipse. 

Total Solar Eclipse 

A total solar eclipse occurs when the Moon covers the whole of the Sun, casting a shadow on Earth. 

Hybrid Solar Eclipse

When there is a transition of the annular solar eclipse to a total solar eclipse or the other way around, then it is called the Hybrid Solar Eclipse. 

Are Solar Eclipses harmful?

Solar eclipses do have same effects on different people. Some of the most common effects of Solar Eclipses are increased agitation, unusual dreams, eye pain, effects on pregnancy, etc. 

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