Delay in marriage, which is not something common. This only happen when there are some doshas in Kundli. There are many parents those are facing such problems which are creating delay in their child marriage. The marriage is of course bliss if it has done on time. If not then usually a person has to face the delay. Sometimes a person also not able to get desired life partner. Thus, many those need Remedies for Late or Delay in Marriage. This is very important and many of the people have got the desired solution to all their problems. Astrologer S.K. Tantrik ji has made maximum people to get solution of their problem.

He helps a person overcoming delay in marriage and this is possible with use of some astrological remedies. A person can also perform puja to make everything get well. It is possible to bring planets on their right track and open every door of marriage.

Powerful solution for delayed marriage

The planet Venus and Jupiter plays an important role in marriage. Venus is for boys and Jupiter is for girl. If the position of both of these planets are not at right place then of course one has to face issues. If you are a boy or a girl who needs Remedies for Late or Delay in Marriage they can of course get solution here.

Astrologer S.K. Tantrik ji will surely understand your problem and provide you a safest solution. He has some powerful solution for delayed marriage for girl:

  • A girl should have to keep Monday fast for 10 Mondays and pray Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati
  • She should have to recite the Gauri Shankra mantra
  • A girl should also feed cow with grass and spinach on Wednesday
  • A girl should also wear a locket of shivalinga made of amber stone
  • Girl of marriageable age should have to worship Goddess durga to remove rahu dosha

Here is also some powerful solution for delayed marriage for boy:

  • A boy should have to feed poor and give some donations to them
  • It is also good for them to perform navgrah puja
  • He should also have to perform Tulsi marriage
  • A boy should also have to chant durga mantra to remove delay in his marriage

One who does all such things they will surely able to get solves their major troubles.

Why god delays marriage?

It is not God that delays the marriage; those are planets, which creates the delay. If Jupiter/venus is weak in Kundli then of course a person has need of powerful solution for delayed marriage in Hindi. Everything could get better for a person if they are using the mantras. One can soon use marriage remedies for girl those are good to use. It will surely make marriage to happen in right time. So, for a girl and a boy it is important to take help of Astrologer S.K. Tantrik ji. He will provide a better solution, which surely make your troubles to get solve. After knowing late marriage causes and effects a person will surely make their problems to get solve.

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