Many people carry on the relationship in the hope that maybe the relationship will get better in the coming time. It is important for every couple to know that there are those situations when it is not possible to maintain the relationship and breakup is the only option left to get love problem solution.

  1. Getting Beaten Up

It is natural for the partners to have minor arguments and fights on one thing or the other, but when the fight starts coming to the fore during the fight, then it should be understood that now the relationship cannot be prolonged. Physical violence should not be tolerated by any partner. Often people believe that men indulge in physical violence with women, but this is not entirely true. There are many women who beat up their male partners. In such a situation, it would be right to separate.

  1. No communication

According to an online astrology consultancy, communication is very important in a relationship. Sometimes, even while living under one roof, partners become strangers to each other. They want to avoid talking to each other. If one partner initiates the conversation, the other keeps quiet. This situation is a sign that it is no longer possible to keep the relationship going. In such a situation, breakup is the only solution.

  1. Things are starting to be hidden

In a relationship, the partners share everything with each other, whether it is good or bad. But if the partners have started hiding their things from each other and are not ready to tell even after asking, then it should be understood that the distance has come in the relationship. If the partners start keeping secrecy among themselves, then this relationship cannot work.

  1. Have started ignoring

In a love relationship, the partners care a lot for each other. Without telling, they understand each other’s feelings. Feel their pain and take care of each other at every level. But when the partners start ignoring each other and do not care at all when there is any problem, then it means that this relationship is just being carried away.

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