free astrologer on phone | astrologer whatsapp number online astrology consultation Let there be questions or concerns about marriage, health, love life, career, or anything. We are here to guide you through the reputed and reliable methods of astrology. Our respected, as well as experienced and experienced scholars, astrologers, are just a click away from your service. Our expert group of astrologers is now available to provide guidance in English. Select from the required options given below for a change in language preference.

Astrology Consult : Talk to the Top Astrologers in India
Astrology is ancient Indian science that promises to tell you past, present, and future based on your birth chart or birth chart. Science depends on the subtle position of stars and planets during your birth.

While scientists or like-minded people argue that astrology is not a science but a myth, there are astrologers whose predictions cannot be easily written. Like any other profession, you can name in the world, there are deceitful astrologers who lead you, giving you false hope. free astrologer on phone | astrologer whatsapp number

But some astrologers have made astrology their life, and live according to its code. There are various derived branches of astrology such as palmistry, numerology, and such. Each field has its own experts. So, how would you feel to have everyone on one platform? online astrology consultation

This is what Pooja N has for you. We know that everyone believes in a different astrological system. Hence, we have come up with a common platform where you can reach out to trusted astrologers. You can take their help to get through the tough phase of your life and make the best use of your opportunities. online astrology consultation

How does this work?
You can consult astrologers for questions or concerns regarding marriage, health, love life, career, or anything under the Sun. We are here to guide you using reliable astrological methods as described in Vedic astrology. Our respected, as well as an experienced and experienced scholar, astrologer, provides guidance in English and other languages. Their services are just a click or a phone call away.

You need to consult our astrologers for Janam Kundli or Janam Kundli. If you don’t have it, don’t worry. If you know the exact time and place of your birth, our astrologers are able to prepare your horoscope. free astrologer on phone | astrologer whatsapp number

Once you have the required details, log on to our website and book a slot online or call us on the numbers mentioned. We’ll have an online meeting with them, and then all you have to do is keep up with your appointment to find solutions to your life’s problems. online astrology consultation

Benefits of online counseling : Talk to the Top Astrologers in India
There are many benefits of online astrology consultation. The use of online services makes it accessible to all. Even people living in far-flung corners have access to our respected astrologers. You can pay using your credit card, debit card, or internet banking options, making payment easy. Astrology consultation over the phone helps you avoid waiting for queues, and you can always come back for more questions. If needed, you can also get your complete astrology report for a nominal fee.

free astrologer on phone | astrologer whatsapp number

Advice fees
You must be wondering how much does an astrologer charges you for consultation. At Pooja N we have a very transparent system to charge a nominal fee from our customers. We have fixed charges, and it depends on the minutes you take the consultation. There will be no hidden costs, and we proudly say that we provide affordable astrology services to customers in India and online to people living far away from India. online astrology consultation

We serve Indian clients in countries like USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, etc… free astrologer on phone | astrologer whatsapp number

free consultation
Pooja N has good news for our existing customers and new user. We are introducing a free 15-minute consultation when you book for 30 minutes. Taking advantage of this is easy, all you have to do is add the order to the cart and place it. Once the order is placed our executive will call you and appoint you as an astrologer. online astrology consultation

About Pooja N
Puja N is the only solution for all the needs of Puja. In Puja N you can find, astrologer, puja material, and spiritual gifts. We also provide online booking services for customers in India and abroad. We provide worship services from initial consultation to final havan, we are one of its relatives.

frequently asked question
Can I just get a free consultation?
No, you must order a 30-minute consultation. Then, you will be eligible for a free 15-minute consultation. online astrology consultation

How to avail of free consultation?
Once you place the order, our executive will call you and appoint you as an astrologer. Also we will activate the offer. free astrologer on phone | astrologer whatsapp number

Is this offer transferable?
No, you can avail of the benefit only once. and it is not transferable

How do I trust online counseling?
Pooja is a dedicated team, and we have been around for quite some time. Our beliefs are firmly rooted in our culture and traditions.

When is the best time to consult astrologers?
You can call us on the number provided on our website and set up your appointment. We will schedule your appointment to speak to our respected astrologers.

What are the charges?
This will depend on the timing of the consultation. But our charge for the regular schedule starts from Rs.499.

How many questions can I ask?
You can ask as many questions as possible within the specified time limit. Be it one question or multiple questions it completely depends on the time you have chosen while booking the consultation

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